Resting snugly in France's southeastern corner, Provence is world-renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, its cultural richness and its exquisite art. Artists of post-impressionism such as Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, and Marc Chagall fell in love with this region and went there as casual visitors but ended up living out the rest of their lives as permanent fixtures of Provence.

No region evokes the beauty of country living like Provence. One of the main attractions of this exquisite, sunny French landscape is its stunning domestic architecture. Built of stone and washed with deep, bright color, these homes' simplicity and honesty have enthralled countless visitors. Now, these unique qualities are being brought to Khao Yai on a plot of land that remarkably resembles the many facets of Provence.

Although new, the Provençal homes demonstrate a remarkable sense of age and the sensitivity and care brought to the construction of these dwellings for the new owners. Gated with romantic wrought-iron frames, timber, lime-washed plaster and tiled floors set the scene. The interior decoration is all about texture and subtle color. The exterior is perfect simplicity: its walls are plastered are painted a pale salmon, and the windows and doors (both back and front) are a soft, subdue white.